CMALT Portfolio
Future plans 2020
This is the final new section for the updated portfolio and should build on both the summary of recent work and the CPD section to give a sense of your future plans. You might reflect on areas for future development or training, skills you wish to develop or ways in which you hope to change your role or career over the next 3 years.
When I began my role with The Micro:bit Educational Foundation, the organisation was transitioning from a UK focus to a more global one. The majority of support work is focussed on English speaking audiences, for example the online knowledgebase. I would like to develop this support for people who use the micro:bit across the word, through translation of common support articles and CPD to allow people to provide localised support in the place/space they are using the technology.
I have enjoyed mentoring others via line management activities and I would like to carry this on in future. Throughout my 20 years working in education and technology, I have gained a critical appreciation of pedagogic and operational strategies to support using technology and I enjoy thinking through and sharing this with others.
During the last 3 years, I have used my volunteer time allowed within my role to work with some amazing educators and technologists local to me in Hampshire. Workshops in shopping centres, universities and particle accelerators. These spurred initiatives like micro:bit on the beach I have now moved
Some more thoughts..
    Learn more C++ and take some time to work more creatively with the micro:bit. Use it as people use it, not just fix their problems.
    Work more directly with educators
    Focus on quality over quantity and maybe reduce hours Season of docs participation
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