Overview of CPD activities

This is the second new section for the updated part of your portfolio. In this section, you should include a brief summary of CPD activities undertaken in the past 3 years (or a link to the list in an appendix) and then choose 3 examples of these CPD activities that you describe and reflect on in more detail.

When choosing your examples, consider how they relate to your development over the past 3 years. For each example you must include:

  • Description: A brief description of what you have done including a clear statement of your involvement, i.e. what you have done;

  • Evidence: You must include evidence to support the examples of CPD activities, directly within the portfolio, or in a numbered appendix, or as a link;

  • Reflection: reflecting on what you learnt as a result of doing it.


It is essential to reflect on your CPD activities, explaining what you have learned from it; what you might do differently as a result (if appropriate) and what the impact of your work on learners (this could be staff or students) and/or on the organisation.

You should aim to demonstrate how your practice has developed as a result of your CPD. Many people find it easiest to add reflection by adding a heading “reflection” to each example and then addressing appropriate reflective questions such as;

  • What have I learnt from doing what I describe above? or

  • What went well/what could have gone better? or

  • What would I do differently another time? or

  • What was the impact on my users/students/learning?

MA Education


Further to my BA (Hons), Certificate in Further Education teaching, PGCHE, FHEA and CMALT, I now hold an MA Education and graduated with a distinction . My research focus was around exploring students perceptions of Learning Technology in creative subject disciplines.


My blog documents my journey through the MA and I have recently published my MA Dissertation Talk to us about tech ’ - An exploration of student perceptions and experiences of Learning Technology in creative subject disciplines online.


My MA studies gave me a good grounding in research methods and enabled me to focus my studies around a topic that I am passionate about. The study was interwoven with my professional work, for example championing the JISC Digital Student Tracker at the University helped inform my dissertation. I am pleased to have graduated with a distinction and developing skills in research has informed my ongoing work being critically engaged with technology and how people use it.

Conferences, workshops, STEM Ambassador role

Description: Since commencing my role with The Micro:bit Educational Foundation and becoming a STEM ambassador, I have participated in and ran a variety of micro:bit workshops, Pycon, micro:bit Live,


Learnt JavaScript, Github, Python, C++, Hacktoberfest

Website and social media

Ditched big tech social media in favour of federated comms updated markalexanderwilliams.co.uk keeping current with web technologies. Moving from Jekyll to 11ty digital wellbeing