Demonstrate knowledge and skills in communication through working with others. Statements could describe the way in which your work involves collaboration, for example through participation in a team or acting as an interface to other groups. Relevant evidence would include reflection on collaborations with others, reports outlining your activity within a team process, how you have brokered support for a particular initiative (for example from a technical or legal support service) or how you have worked with others to solve problems. Where your evidence involved collaboration, please acknowledge the contribution of others. You may also chose to discuss how you select appropriate forms of communication.
I recently had the opportunity to engage in the open magic box that is Bring Your Own Device For Learning or #BYOD4L on social media. I had taken part in 2015, but this year I also volunteered as a community mentor and helped facilitate a tweetchat on communicating
BYOD4L is a fantastic community that spans the global education sector and focuses on the use of mobile/smart devices in learning and teaching. It runs over a week and participants have the opportunity to engage through a variety of online communities; Google+, Facebook and Twitter and at a time and place appropriate to them (often people are in different timezones).
Each of the 5 days has a theme from the 5 Cs; Connecting, Communicating, Curating Collaborating and Creating and participants are encouraged to engage with various learning and teaching scenarios that relate to the theme and the potential use of mobile technologies.
Part of the mentoring process involved responding to as well as instigating conversations within online spaces, which for me are on Google+ and Twitter. I also co-facilitated Tuesdays #BYOD4Lchat on Communicating which ran from 8-9pm. It was great to connect with so many other educators interested in the use of technology to support learning and a storify of the conversationwas made available for reference and for those that couldn’t join us at that time. I had a positive response from participants, including:
great chat, huge thanks to @sheilmcn and @the_markness #BYOD4Lchat— Neil Withnell (@neilwithnell) January 12, 2016



Participating in #BYOD4L not only provides a sense of currency to communication methods in education, but also explores some of the new tools that might help us converse or share information in more appropriate, inclusive and immediate ways. Mobile/smart devices are the primary form of communication for the current generation of HE students and institutionally staff are often restricted to email; through choice, skills or policy. It is important that we consider how best to communicate with each other and whether we need to remove barriers to doing this.
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