Technical knowledge and ability in the use of learning technology
Part of my role is to deliver training in the use of learning technologies at Falmouth University. This includes the use of Moodle and also non institutional technologies that can be used to support learning; such as Google Docs and Twitter.
I make use of the team blog, moodle knowledgebase and various tools like Techsmith's Snagit, to disseminate information to staff. I particularly like the ease of use that Snagit offers, to create on the fly screencaptures that are automatically saved to Google Drive, which then provides you with a public link to the file.
Knowledgebase articles are written with a team 'Persona' that is friendly, authoratative and accessible. I am in the process of adding close videos with close captioning to each article as an inclusive approach to support.
With a background in serverside technology and systems administration, I am confident in aspects of IT infrastructure to support commonly used Open Source technologies such as Moodle, Wordpress, Drupal. I hold certificates in Linux and OSX System Administration and further certification in the use of Final Cut Pro as a video creation tool.



It's an important part of the role of the Learning Technologist to scan the Horizon and keep up to date as the tools change alongside the way we use them. Big Data is at the centre of corporate success on the web and HEIs are slowly becoming aware of the impact. Often in Enterprise, information is locked away in inpeneterable Sharepoint sites in inaccessible formats. Using tools that manage data and allow us to present it in a range of formats allows for greater transparency, accessibility and resiliance. This is the main reason for trying out Gitbooks to host my CMALT portfolio as I can make the information accessible and make it open for others to remix and reuse.
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